Vietnam - Cu Chi Tunnels

Half day tour

Day Half Day Tour

Allocated in Cu Chi district, 75km north west of HCMC by passing the green paddy fields & agriculture area. Tour the fabulous 200km underground guerillas tunnels used during the Vietnam resistance wars, visit & view the old relics remains.

This tunnels is totally manual hand-done its starts in the early,(1940), at 10 meter depth, then to 70 metres strech to 200 km of the systems & is divided in to three levels, which linked to several storeys deep, with living areas, hospitals, kitchens, bunkers, armoury, & command posts...etc.

Re-Creation Of Cu Chi Liberated Area:
The structures re-creating the Liberated Area of Cu Chi are found in a quarter showing how the people of Cu Chi lived and fought before and during the resistance against the American imperialists. The quarter has such sections as: Liberated area, disputed area, no man's land, temporarily - occupied area (strategic hamlet), lively embodying the prewar images of villages on Cu Chi, with luxuriant vegetation bearing fruits the year round; image of an area devastated by American boms; model of strategic hamlet, applied by the Ameriacn imperialists and their lackeys to bring people under their control; and the scene of youth zealosly joining the army to fight the aggressors

Ben Duoc Temple:
As historic and cultural works of Hochiminh City, the Temple was buil from May 19, 1993 and its first dtage inaugurated on December 19, 1995
Being built on 70.000m2 of land, the temple consits of a triple porch, stele hall, nine-storey tower about 40m high, and themain hall wherein enshrined a stone stele thereon engraved the names of about 50.000 Vietnamses citizens who fought and sacrificed themselves to the father-land in Saigon-Gia Dinh. In the basement there are displayed different pictures, artifacts, models, topological miniatures...representing the living and extremely fierce struggle during the past national defending wer

Sport and national defence shooting:
This is a place for you to try at all kinds of guns used by Cu Chi guerillas in the past, such as AK. M16, Carbine, light machine-gun M30. Besides, it helps you to enjoy happy and excited moments. If you get the target, you will receive lovely and meaningful gifts, including bandanna, broad-brimmed cap...