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Myanmar - Mandalay
Minimum 3 days / 2 nights 

Mandalay, the last capital of the Myanmar Kings, is located in central Myanmar, 668 km north of Yangon. also known as Ratanabon-Napyidaw(meaning Gem City), it was built in 1857 by King Mindon. Today , it is the second largest city boasting its rich cultural heritage. it is also the commercial centre with rail, road, river and air links to all parts of the country.

Mandalay Hill
    Mandalay Hill, 230 metresin elevation, commands a magnificent view of the city and surrounding countryside. The legend has it that the Buddha, on his visit, had made a prophecy that a greet city would be founded at the foot of this hill.
Mandalay Palace
    The whole palace complex was destroyed by fire during the  War. The palace walls, the four gates and the moat still stand today as evidence of the majestic Palace City. A number of palace buildings have been recontructed within the primises.
Shwenandaw Monastery
This beautifully built monastery was originally inside the palace compound. King Thibaw had it moved to its present site east of the palace in 1879 after his father death.
Mahamuni Pagoda
    King Bodawpaya built this Pagoda in 1784 to house the Mahamuni Buddha image brought from Rakhine State. Being the most revered Pagoda in Mandaly, the early morning ritual of washing the face of the Buddha's image draws a daily crowd of devotees.
Kuthodaw Pagoda
    King Mindon built this Pagoda in 1868 surrounding it with 729 marble slabs inscribedwith the Tipitaha text (the Three Baskets of the Buddhist Pali canon). It is often called the " World's Biggest Book".
Atu-ma-shi Monastery
    Not too far from the Kuthodaw Pagoda is the Atu-ma-shi Monastery (the incomparable Monastery), built in 1878 by King Mindon, and partially destroyed by fire in 1890. It was rebuilt in 1996.
Kyauktawgyi Pagoda
    Kyauktawgyi Pagoda ( the Pagoda of the Greet Marble image), also built by King Mindon, stand at the foot of Mandalay Hill. Built in 1865, the Pagoda is so called because it houses a large image of the Buddhasculpted from a single block of beautiful sagyin marble. Other attractions are Sandamuni Oagoda, Eindawya Pagoda, Shwe in Bin Monastery, Mandalay Museum and Library, Zegya Market and Silk Weaving Cottage industry.