Introducing Vietnam trade, investment and tourism destinations in Indonesia

Introducing Vietnam trade, investment and tourism destinations in Indonesia

Recently, on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the National Day of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia hosted the Workshop “Introducing Vietnam as a destination for business, investment and tourism”.


Attending the conference were Vietnam Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Pham Vinh Quang, Representative of Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and nearly 80 domestic and foreign enterprises.

Sharing at the seminar Pham Vinh Quang said: “The seminar promoting trade, investment and tourism into Vietnam is a series of multi-year activities to support entrepreneurs, investors and travel agents. Calendar of the two countries to meet, exchange and find business opportunities.


At this point, we will expand to other areas of Indonesia such as Bali, Yogykarta city to promote trade, investment and tourism between the two countries. The two countries’ trade growth in 2017 reached US $ 6.5 billion and 2018 reached US $ 8.4 billion, and it is expected that by 2019, the two countries will continue to maintain this growth momentum so that by 2020 it will reach US $ 10 billion as target set”.


At the seminar, businesses participated in presentations on destinations, investment and tourism potential in Vietnam as well as their strong products. In 2018, 88,000 Indonesian tourists came to Vietnam. Vietnam is considered a famous destination of the world with 8 world heritages and 12 intangible cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO.

Commenting on Vietnam market, Mr. Indra, Director of Inmarc Indonesia said: “Vietnam is a country with great potential and strong growth in recent years and an attractive new destination for people. . Vietnam is full of elements such as beautiful natural landscapes, unique cuisine, good quality services such as 5-star hotels, 5 travel agencies, convenient routes to create a whole. complete. Especially with Indonesian tourists who are Muslim tourists, Vietnam has also started to pay attention to halal restaurants. ”


According to Mr. Tran Vinh Loc, Director of Lac Hong Tourism Company, Vietnam Airlines airlines have direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta and Vietjet Air has a flight route connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Bali tourism island. The fact that the number of passengers is full shows that Vietnamese people are very interested in Indonesia tourism and investment destinations. This island nation of more than 260 million people is one of the open markets for investment and exploitation.


Workshop on promoting trade, investment and tourism into Vietnam 2019 is a continuation of a series of investment, trade and tourism promotion activities taking place in 2018 and will take place in 2018- 2022 to enhance the friendship and investment cooperation between the two countries of Vietnam – Indonesia.


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